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Welcome to The Institute, The Online Business Association’s training hub. Here you’ll find the very best digital training courses designed to help you grow your business with integrity and make a real impact in the online space.

Become a changemaker in the world of online business with forward-thinking, fully accredited training and education programmes.

We don’t just give you one-page worksheets and basic information that you could Google yourself. Our programs have been years in the making, to ensure they’re as comprehensive and as robust as they can be with insights you won’t find elsewhere.

Our comprehensive courses have been expertly curated to include in-depth knowledge (based on real industry experience), educational modules, practical applications and ready-to-use resources. We’re committed to equipping you with the knowledge, skills, strategies and tools you need to achieve success.

We’re not afraid to say that our training opportunities are unparalleled. You won’t find another provider offering this level of depth and expert insight.

We’ve worked with businesses and managed projects up to multi-million £/$ businesses. Our team of business experts span all areas of business operations including online business management, finance, legal, tech, sales and marketing, customer service and more. 

We’re sharing that experience with you to help you grow your business to 6 and 7 figures.

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Become a certified Online Business Manager

Compete at the highest levels with accredited online business manager training from the Online Business Association.

After completing our Online Business Manager certification, you’ll be equipped to approach any client confidently with the knowledge that you can and will manage their business to significant success.

This isn’t just a cookie-cutter programme, it’s everything you’ll need to win major contracts with your dream clients.

Plus, delivering them professional-level consulting and results guided by our proven operational methodology.

You’ll get access to:

  • The Institute’s 15-Module Training Library (£15,000 Value)
  • The Knowledge Vault (£45,000 Value)
  • The OBM Master Dashboard (£5,000 Value)
  • The Collective (Priceless)
  • Personalized Mentorship (£15,000 Value)
  • Premium Accreditation (£2,000 Value)


You want access to a wealth of on-demand educational resources and courses across every area of business management to master the skills required for success.

You want to gain insights into systems, processes, and team management, enhancing your ability to build a solid foundation for business success while operating with integrity.

You want to attain a globally recognised certification that adds credibility and distinction to your profile as an online business manager.

You want to increase your business’ value, improve processes, and expand your team, creating substantial growth and success in the competitive online business landscape.

The Online Business Manager certification is the most comprehensive OBM training course you’ll find. We’ve carefully curated 15 accredited training modules to help you get to grips with all areas of business management and operations.

Get immediate access to our operational dashboard in Trello – A plug-and-play system optimised for improving any business’ operational efficiency, including your own. This streamlined checklist and system masterpiece has been years in the making, customised for online business management.

Already making waves in the online space?
Certify your business...

business development

Make an impact
with integrity

You’ve already built a 6, 7, or even 8-figure business, but business still isn’t as easy as you thought it would be by this point, is it?

You grew into this role, your team grew with you and now you worry you’re not leading well.

You want to be across every aspect of your business, but it’s grown a few heads over the years and you know you had to let go of control of the stuff that’s not in your zone of genius.

You want to have an end game and sell one day, but you know it’s all a bit of a mess right now and your business processes are not in the healthiest place.

It could be better, you know it should be better, but where do you start?

gain back control of your business

your reputation

stand out
as a

financial rewards

The IMPACT with Integrity Online Business Accreditation is the first done-for-you business accreditation. You won’t find this anywhere else. We’ve carefully curated 6 key modules to assess ethical and trustworthy business delivered with integrity.

Become accredited by the Online Business Association and utilise support from The Agency to help you plug the gaps and take you to the next level of business success.


Upskill across all areas of
business operations

Additional online training opportunities

Whether you’re focusing on your personal development in new areas of business or are looking to train and support staff to help them develop and grow within your business, our variety of training courses cover key areas of business development.

These courses self-study, digital courses encompass the core areas of online business operations and management.

Be the first to hear about these courses…

Online marketing strategies for business growth

HR & Recruitment essentials for small businesses

The social media manager accreditation

Marketing SEO masterclass

Advanced launch strategy certification

Mastering your virtual assistance business

sales strategy for small businesses

Finance essentials for UK small business owners

360 business support from experts in
the online space...

Your success, our expertise

Tailored team solutions

Need support to get a project over the line? Need help identifying the gaps in your business, and an expert team to implement robust changes that will scale your business to success?

Our team of business experts are led by Alison Goodwin, a Hive Mind member and an experienced business consultant and sales and operations manager, who’s been helping businesses achieve success for over 25 years.

We’ve worked with businesses and managed projects up to multi-million £/$ businesses. We’ve consulted for boards of directors at multi-national corporations and have experience in dealing with some very well-known brands because we have the skills, the team and the knowledge to make an impactful difference and we are here to bring this experience to businesses in the online space.

Scalable solutions

After taking a deep dive into your current operations, our team will deliver scalable solutions, providing you with bespoke business strategies, and helping you implement operational frameworks that will make your business easier to run and grow.

Flexible services

We offer flexible, hybrid business solutions. As an agency, we can place members of our team to work with you in your business on a direct, 1:1 basis both to consult and assist with implementation.

full-circle support

We’re always looking to expand our network. When you complete our Online Operations Manager certification, you’ll be considered for a spot in the little black book, or you can apply.

Ready-to-use resources

Putting our knowledge into
your hands

Access £1,000 worth of business resources that have been created by professionals at the height of their careers through The Online Business Association’s Knowledge Vault.

From certified legal contracts written by top solicitors to tried and tested marketing templates, all of our resource bundles, downloads, and workbooks have been signed off by experts who have built successful online businesses.

The Knowledge Vault is a one-stop shop for support and resources across all areas of online business operations.

We know running a business isn’t easy. That’s why The Knowledge Vault has been built with convenience in mind.

Our templates and resources are ready for you to download, add your business details, and implement into your business right away. No fuss. No stress. No time-consuming set-up.

All of our documents have been tried and tested, turning failing businesses into 6 and 7-figure success stories.


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