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There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to building a business. Especially not in the unregulated online space. We’re not here to deliver cookie-cutter programmes or individual programmes that don’t meet your needs. We’re here to deliver real, team-based, scalable solutions that help you succeed.

Our team of business experts are led by Alison Goodwin, a Hive Mind member and an experienced business consultant and sales and operations manager, who’s been helping businesses to achieve success for over 25 years.

We’ve worked with businesses and managed projects up to multi-million £/$ businesses. We’ve consulted for boards of directors at multi-national corporations and have experience in dealing with some very well-known brands because we have the skills, the team and the knowledge to make an impactful difference and we are here to bring this experience to businesses in the online space.

Need a sales team? We’ve got you covered.
Social media management? We’ll take it off your hands.
Lacking in legal? We can tighten things up.
Processes need reviewing? We’ll lay the foundations.
Recruiting a reliable operations manager?
We train and accredit operations managers for you.

scalable solutions

After taking a deep dive into your current operations, our team will deliver scalable solutions, providing you with bespoke business strategies, and helping you implement operational frameworks that will make your business easier to run and grow.

The Agency offers hands-on support, with a network of experts who are available to consult and deliver tailored solutions. We provide everything from entire teams to experts in individual areas of business operations.

flexible services

We offer flexible, hybrid business solutions. As an agency, we can place members of our team to work with you in your business on a direct, 1:1 basis both to consult and assist with implementation.

But we don’t just provide the people. We also facilitate full-scale project management where you’ll benefit not just from one member of our team, but from our whole network or professionals who we’ll bring in to meet the scope of your project and to take the stress of managing it off your plate.

connecting the dots

The Online Business Association’s four pillars have been carefully curated to make sure that we can connect the dots across all areas of business development.

From expansive accredited training, to ready-to-use resources and our agency of industry masterminds, we don’t just expect to sell you something and then leave. We’re dedicated to providing you with long-term support and solutions and giving you the hands and minds needed to identify and implement change to your business.

The Team

Your success, our expertise

Meet the Team

Every member of our team has gone through rigorous vetting processes to ensure they don’t just talk the talk, but that they can also walk the walk.

They’ve had to prove their knowledge, skills and results with real-life examples of providing effective solutions in their area of expertise. We only recommend the best of the best and don’t work with dead-weight. Our team are expected to continuously prove their value to us and to our clients to earn their place in our little black book.


With 25 years of business consulting expertise, Alison specialises in strategy and growth in sales, marketing and operations. Owning multiple businesses herself, she also advises corporate clients at board level and has supported thousands of online businesses globally.


With 20 years in sales, compliance management, account management, and operational strategy Steve’s expertise lies in negotiation and quality management. He is also a certified Strength Scope Practitioner, guaranteeing excellence in client interactions and operational effectiveness.

Marketing Expert

Specialising in marketing communications and branding, Liam has over 7 years of hands-on digital marketing experience.

Tech Expert

With 12 years of experience, Shari is an expert in digital tech, website design, tech operations and connecting the dots between systems.

Social Media Expert

With 8 years of marketing experience, including 2 years of running her own social media agency, Vicky excels in delivering results-driven content backed by consumer psychologies.

Paid Ads Expert

Since launching her boutique ads agency in 2018, Amber Rose has managed over $5 million in ad spend, helping coaches, expert service providers, and course creators to find more of their dream clients online.

We’re proud to be selective with our talent (We only work with the best).

our network

The little black book

Our little black book is an invite-only network of operational masterminds. These business brains are handpicked for their excellence and achievements in their fields.

When you work with The Online Business Association you gain access to a hivemind of experts across all areas of business. They’ll be on hand to help you spot the gaps in your business, develop strategies, and implement solutions to set you on the path to success.

an expert for every eventuality

We list experts in all areas of business operations including tech, legal, HR, recruitment, finance, sales, marketing, social media, virtual assistance, and MORE.

We only accept the best

We don’t mind being picky. We only extend invitations to people who have proven themselves as authorities in their area of operations by delivering exceptional results.

full-circle support

We’re always looking to expand our network. When you complete our Online Operations Manager certification, you’ll be considered for a spot in the little black book, or you can apply.

We’re always evolving

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the power of referral and those people who have put their trust in us to recommend us to their inner circles.

It’s how we’ve become leaders in the online space. Our reputation precedes us and we wear that badge with honour and pride.

That’s why we’re always open to extending our network.

Not only will we work with you to provide full-scale strategies and solutions that will plug the gaps and grow your business, but if we feel you can help our other clients we’ll also refer you to our networks. We want you to reap the rewards of referral, just like we have.

Authenticity guaranteed

While our competitors continue to attract leads with their tired, spammy, sleazy tactics, that have no place in business, we’ve stayed true to our morals, mission and values. We stand out because we’ve succeeded with our integrity intact, and everyone knows it.

When you work with The Online Business Association, we guarantee authenticity and honesty. That means telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. We don’t hide behind fake smiles or fluffy copy. We’re committed to communicating with the transparency that’s needed to affect real, sustainable change in your business.

business development

Make an impact with integrity

You’ve already built a 6, 7, or even 8-figure business, but business still isn’t as easy as you thought it would be by this point, is it?

You grew into this role, your team grew with you and now you worry you’re not leading well.

You want to be across every aspect of your business, but it’s grown a few heads over the years and you know you had to let go of control of the stuff that’s not in your zone of genius.

You want to have an end game and sell one day, but you know it’s all a bit of a mess right now and your business processes are not in the healthiest place.

It could be better, you know it should be better, but where do you start?

gain back control of your business

your reputation

stand out
as a


The IMPACT with Integrity Online Business Accreditation is the first done-for-you business accreditation. You won’t find this anywhere else. We’ve carefully curated 6 key modules to assess ethical and trustworthy business delivered with integrity.

Become accredited by the Online Business Association and utilise support from The Agency to help you plug the gaps and take you to the next level of business success.


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