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Strengthscope® is a leading, powerful strengths profiling system enabling strengths discovery and strengths optimisation.


What is Strengthscope®?

Strengthscope® provides a precise and unique assessment of 24 work-based strengths, giving you and your employees a picture of yourselves at yours best and providing you with a framework for understanding how to bring that to your business every day, as well as dealing with performance-related risks.

This platform brings clarity and a common language for all business owners and employees, enabling you to build engagement by delivering projects based on strengths, as well as active management of risk areas.

Users of the Strengthscope® system report its impact as being highly significant in terms of their self-confidence, performance and engagement with work and business development.

As a result of Strengths interventions using Strengthscope®, employees reported...

79% had improved confidence in their strengths and how they could best contribute at work

66% had improved their contribution in areas they were naturally drawn to

73% had improved their overall work performance and results

Engagement levels increased an average of 12% over a median elapsed time of 6 months

The only strengths assessment to have achieved Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society.


Introducing Significant Strengths

Research shows that by focusing on using and developing the qualities that energise you the most (your strengths), you can naturally gain more satisfaction and fulfilment both in and outside the workplace.

By getting the balance right between developing your strengths and reducing your risks, you will achieve higher levels of resilience, confidence, engagement and success in your business ventures.

Your Strengthscope360™ report will highlight your Significant 7 Strengths. Knowing these strengths will allow you to reflect on how you apply them to your business, how you can apply them strategically in future, build a team to match or compliment your strengths, and be the most successful version of yourself possible.

The 24 Strengths in the Strengthscope360TM report are:

emotional strengths

Relational strengths

Execution strengths

Thinking strengths

Are you ready to discover your Significant 7 Strengths?


How will Strengthscope® benefit you and your business?

On an operational/day-to-day level, utilising your Strengthscope360TM report will ensure:

  • More authentic leadership: Learn how you are different, how those differences contribute value and how your vulnerabilities show up under pressure. This enables you to be yourself more skilfully, recognising and managing both the positive and negative impact you have on others.
  • Better communication: Learn how to deliver feedback well and how to motivate individuals and teams.
  • More productive teams: Learn to leverage the strengths of your teams.
  • Better delegation: Learn to understand that you do not have to be ‘great’ at everything, and instead can delegate to others who have strengths in the areas you do not.

What broader business challenges does this solve?

  • Attraction and retention: Authentic and inspirational leadership plays a pivotal part in keeping top talent in a world where talent is increasingly mobile.

  • Building a positive, appreciative and high performing work culture: By developing an authentic, skilled approach to leadership, you’ll set a positive, respectful tone within your business, encouraging your team to bring their best to work every day, out of choice.

  • ‘Doing more with less’ (more work, less resource): Leaders and managers are having to find ways to increase productivity with less resource; by focusing on strengths you’ll get higher levels of contribution from your team and direct reports.

Facilitated by accredited
Strengthscope® Practitioner

How it works

The Package

Get a full Strengthscope360TM report that will provide you with valuable feedback from stakeholders on how they see you using your strengths day-to-day.

This will help in your personal development and future career development, by improving your understanding of:

  • Your unique combination of strengths and how to develop these to achieve exceptional results
  • Feedback from co-workers and other stakeholders on how effectively you are using your strengths and if there are opportunities for improvement
  • Positive ways of working that will improve your confidence, motivation and success in any situation

Your Strengthscope360TM report can significantly improve your performance, energy and confidence as a business leader.

The Process

introductory call

Get started with a 15 minute introductory call with accredited Strengthscope Master Practitioner Steve Fowles to outline the process of generating your report.

Your report

Following data collection period, you’ll receive a complete Strengthscope360TM report highlight your Significant 7 Strengths, how you, your co-workers and stakeholders measure the effectiveness of your use of strengths, and positive recommendations on how to harness your strengths for growth.

1:1 Feedback session

Once you’ve received your report, you’ll be invited to take part in a 60 – 90 minute 1:1 feedback session to discuss the outcomes and to help you set targeted action points for your personal development.

Review Session

After implementing your personal development action plan for 60 days, take part in a follow-up review session to discuss the changes you’ve made and new practices you’ve implemented now that you’re aware of your strengths.

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