Increase your expertise and income when you train as a certified Online Business Manager

Did you know? You can earn up to £120 per hour as an Online Business Manager. If you have a background in operations, finance, sales and marketing, PR and media, legal and compliance or social media you could make it as an Online Business Manager.

Working as an OBM is rewarding, challenging and depending on the nature of the business you work for, can be incredibly flexible.

But how do you stand out in one of the fastest moving sectors?

By getting certified!

Becoming a certified Online Business Manager will help you stand out from the crowd but also equip you with exceptional and impactful knowledge to make a real difference in the online space.

The Online Business Association OBM Certification is the most in-depth course covering every aspect of online business. For OBMs who are awarded our certification we will also work with you post-certification to help get you recruited to the right online business.

What you will be certified to in...

We’ve done our competitor analysis and we know that you’re our ideal client as you’re looking for the most in-depth and comprehensive OBM certification on the market.

This is NOT a surface level certification.

Being an OBM is one of the most rewarding but challenging roles within an online business.

Having confidence in yourself is the number one secret to success.

Acquire the right up-to-date business knowledge

Apply it to real-world situations and put your knowledge into practice

Watch your confidence as an OBM soar!

The OBM Template Library

Worth the cost of the certification alone!

When you enrol on the Online Business Manager Certification you will also get lifetime access to our powerful Online Business Template library.

With everything from;

  • Client contracts
  • Job specifications
  • Employment contracts
  • Social media templates
  • Strategy templates
  • Email sequence
  • templates
  • Online launch plans
  • Retainer packages
  • Client emails
  • Appraisal templates


Get free access to the 100s of templates in the Online Business Association template library.

Save time, money and stress in your OBM role.

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