trailblazing business accreditation for ambitious, trustworthy business leaders in the online space

 “It’s like getting a degree in the most important subject you’ll ever study – your business!”

Hey there ambitious, bold and smart online business owner.

You’ve built the 6, 7 or 8-figure business.

You’ve made it…. and through a pandemic too! 

The years of blood, sweat and endless Zoom calls were worth it.

While your competitors snared leads with their spammy, sleazy tactics, bullying and bad-mouthing, you stayed true to your morals, your mission and your values. 

Your bona fide stand-out success has been achieved with your integrity intact.

And everyone knows it. Even the haters. (Especially the haters!).

So, what’s next for your business?

It’s kinda lonely at the top and you don’t know what to do next for the best in your business:

I know you’ve invested a lot already in the marketing maestros, the funnel fixers and the sales without sleaze gurus. 

Yes, those guys were worth it. You got something out of it and levelled up your business every time.

But business is still not easy and effortless like you thought it would be by this point, is it?

It could be better, you know it SHOULD be better, but where the heck do you start? 

Start with the IMPACT with Integrity Business Accreditation.

For the bold business owner

You’re bold, yet humble and willing to put in the work to achieve the prestigious 6-star 

IMPACT with Integrity Online Business Accreditation

This is for you and your business if:

A stamp of approval for your trustworthy online business

The IMPACT with Integrity Online Business Accreditation has been curated to run for a 6-month period, tackling 6 key modules to assess ethical and trustworthy business delivered with integrity.

Achieve full 6-star accreditation and make vital improvements to ensure your business sustainability.


& analysis

Thorough analysis of your current business



How you lead meaningful relationships with your people, your clients and your impact on the planet.


& Planning

Your products and services, how you sell and the financial health of your business


Actions &

Optimising business performance through processes


Compliance & Convervation

Assessing how legal and compliant your processes are to ensure the conversation and protection of your business


Target &

Future-proofing your profile with targets and forecasts

The IMPACT with Integrity Online Business Framework

Module 1
Insight & Analysis

We’ll work with you to complete an in-depth analysis of your business and generate the following reports:

We’ll present our reports for you to review and mutually agree upon;

Level 1 Accreditation Status

Level 2 Accreditation Status

Module 2
Meaningful Relations

It’s time to assess your people, your customers and your impact on the planet.

Focusing on:

Module 3

Using the Module 1 reports, you will create your business bible using our simple framework and create an improvement plan. 

Your business bible and improvement plan will be assessed against our stringent criteria.

You will assess and create an improvement plan for:

*Optional – Done for you service for 1:1 clients looking to outsource the creation of business bible

Level 3 Accreditation Status

Level 4 Accreditation Status

Module 4
Actions & Processes

This valuable module will help you and your team to achieve optimum performance through processes. 

No more worrying that nobody seems to be on the same page with clear, streamlined and efficient follow-along actions.

Use the extensive IMPACT Standard Operating Procedures template bank to;

Module 5
Compliance & Conservation

This is a vital module that can future-proof and protect your business from common costly legal and compliance pitfalls. 

Assessing how legal and compliant your processes are will ensure the conservation and protection of your business.

We’ll provide you with recommendations for upskilling your team and improving your legal knowledge.

In this module, we will ensure you establish a baseline for;

Level 5 Accreditation Status

Level 6 Accreditation Status

Module 6
Targets & Forecasting

Businesses demonstrating clear targets and forecasting, utilising the information and reports generated throughout the accreditation process will be awarded full 6-star IMPACT with Integrity Online Business Accreditation.

In this module, you will work towards;


The right level of support for you and your business

Online Self Study

-Market review
– Competitor analysis
– Brand analysis
– Customer profile report
– Social review
– SEO report
– Positioning report

Online Self Study with Online Group Training

Done For You

What will Accreditation do for my business?

The IMPACT with Integrity Online Business Accreditation has been designed to shine a well-deserved light on online businesses doing things well.

The online space is an unregulated sector, but for how long? 

Our customers are, quite rightly, scrutinising every aspect of our marketing and online communications.

The bubble has burst on launches steeped in scarcity marketing.

People are wise to inflated pricing. You can’t just pull a new programme out of thin air and whack £££ on the price tag.

You’re smarter than that.

Create Trust in your Brand

Your customers are way smarter than that too.

They’re sick of getting hammered with the same spammy tactics that just won’t cut it in the new online world.

They want value.

They want quality.

They want quality service

They want trust and integrity

But above all, they want to be guided by trustworthy leaders who value people over profits.

You can’t rely on riding the coattails of the latest trend in the online space. You must protect your place, your people, your profits and your reputation.

Gain back control of your business

Take a look under the hood and fine-tune every part of your business processes – without your team feeling uneasy that you’re auditing and judging their work.

Achieving accreditation works best when the whole team are involved so you can feel connected when working towards a shared goal.

Protect Your Reputation

Commit to improving together, doing better for your customers and creating an unstoppable business for years to come.

Position yourself and your business above others with a credible seal of approval for your trustworthy online business.

Stand out as a Leader

Take the pressure off being perfect and instead create perfect processes and systems that the whole team can follow with ease.

Gain the knowledge and training you need to fully understand your business and stand out as an exceptional leader.

Reap Financial Rewards

We make no promises or guarantees on financial rewards, growth and scaling with accreditation.

However, committing to improving every aspect of your business helps you to:

We start every accreditation with a compatibility call to see if you’re right for IMPACT