Application to Interview HR Bundle

About This Bundle

Streamline your recruitment process with the ‘Application to Interview’ HR bundle, offering 8 downloadable and customisable documents.

Designed for business owners, and HR and Recruitment Managers, this bundle simplifies and enhances the efficiency of your hiring workflow, making the journey from application to interview smoother and more effective.

This bundle includes:

  • 9 Customisable Job Description Templates: Tailor these templates to suit any role within your organisation, ensuring you attract the right candidates.

  • Interview Confirmation Letter Template: Set the right tone for your interactions with potential candidates with a professional and informative confirmation letter.

  • 140 Must-Ask Questions for Hiring Managers: Equip yourself with a robust set of questions designed to uncover the most about your candidates.

  • The Hiring Manager’s Checklist: Keep track of your recruitment process and ensure no detail is overlooked with this comprehensive checklist.

  • HR Interview Form Template: Standardise your interview process and ensure consistency in how candidate information is gathered and assessed.

  • Candidate Evaluation Scorecards: Objectively evaluate each candidate’s suitability for the role with these handy scorecards.

  • HR Right to Work Checklist: Ensure compliance with employment laws by verifying each candidate’s right to work in your jurisdiction.

  • Candidate Offer and Rejection Letter Templates: Handle the final steps of your recruitment process with sensitivity and professionalism, whether you’re making an offer or sending a rejection.

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